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Do I need a Paypal Account?

No, you can pay via credit card or debit card. 1. Register your details 2. Proceed to PayPal 3. Click check out as a guest 4. Enter your billing/ credit card information and scroll down 5. Click "No Thanks" to create a PayPal Account

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

No, we only require a chair to be left out for your produce boxes.

Can I alter the produce in my box?

No, however the produce is seasonal and changes regularly. This ensures lots of different variety makes it into the boxes.

How long will my produce last?

Depending on how much your family consumes each week will determine have long the produce will last, most families order on a fortnightly basis and in the right environment the produce can last up to 5 weeks.

Can I be placed on a regular delivery?

Yes, you can be placed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery cycle, select the reoccurring payment when checking out.

How do I set up a regular delivery?

Complete your order and tick reoccurring payment, than select frequency. You will need a paypal account to do this. We recommend you select the box you would like each week/fortnight along with your essential extras. Please get in touch with us to add any of the seasonal exra's. This would require a once off payment separate to your re-occurring order. If you need assistance to set up a re-occurring order please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does payment work?

Payment is required via Pay Pal, Debit Card or Credit Card before Sunday 8pm for the following week delivery.

Can the boxes be reused?

Due to health regulations the boxes cannot be reused however upon reordering we can collect the boxes and deposit them at the recycling centre.