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Fresco Produce is an absolutely AMAZING service. A small business supporting local farmers providing families with beautiful fresh Fruit & Veg... Danika & Luke, the produce you deliver is so fresh it lasts for weeks in our fridge... The service is what our working family loves... Having the produce delivered  is a god send - I absolutely hate grocery shopping with my two young children (soon to be three), especially when all you come home with is over priced, tasteless rubbish!!! Thank goodness that is something I don't have to worry about anymore!!! Love Love Love what you guys are doing... We are one very happy family... Anyone who hasn't yet tried Fresco Produce, you have no idea what your missing out on...

Jacinta- Newman

To be honest I was a bit worried about ordering both a fruit and veg box together thinking it might not be worth it.
But I'm VERY HAPPY to admit I was wrong!
From the moment I opened the veg box, the smell was awesome!
Fresh, fresh, fresh!
I have blanched some of the vegetables and made 2 week's worth of servings to freeze and still have lots left over.
An apple for morning tea was delicious!
Great product, great service, great cheerful delivery guy!

Stacey - Parmelia

Love love love Fresco Produce, Its Always delivered with a smile and the quality & freshness can NOT be faultered, the service is second to none, I dont really need to say anything, try it for yourself and you will see why so many of us support this truly great West Aussie business

Rebecca- Fremantle

You guys are absolutely amazing!! Thanks you so much for your support of The CREW. We feed homeless and families doing it tough and your fresh fruit and vegetables are so needed and appreciated. Bless you guys and your business I will be singing your praises from our website and FB group asking our community to support Fresco Produce because you support the needy of our area!

Julie-Anne - Rockingham

I believe that some beautiful things come from hurt and pain and my relationship with Fresco is a beautiful story with a happy ending.

At the beginning of 2016 I had the pleasure of helping many people of Yarloop rebuild their lives after the devastating fires that destroyed nearly a whole town. As I began to help people I had more and more calls and pleas for help. One day I was asked to supply 800 pieces of fruit for the fire fighters and emergency services crews that supported our beautiful southwest during such a devastating time. I was given Luke's phone number and rang him hoping that he could provide the miracle I needed. The major supermarket chains and other fresh produce businesses couldn't help but Fresco didn't hesitate for a second, Luke delivered the most amazing fresh produce that afternoon with a smile on his face and a desire to help in his heart. That was my first interaction with Fresco and it just got better from there. I received a phone call a few weeks later telling me that the loyal Fresco customers had been donating money and could I please choose 30 deserving fire affected families to donate and deliver a fruit box too. This generosity blew me away and I set to work compiling names and new addresses for the delivery. I had the pleasure of taking Luke into a fire ravaged Yarloop and to see the sheer joy and humble looks on people's faces as we gave them the most precious gift they could get, a gift of fresh fruit to sustain them and return some normalcy to their lives. Most of these people had been living with no power, they had lost everything in the world they held dear and some even lost the will to live. The generosity of Luke and Danika and the Fresco customers gave many broken people hope, hope that someone knew and cared what they had been through and that the world wanted to help them stand up and take some small steps forward to a new life.

After this experience I've had the pleasure of receiving my own fresh produce for myself and family and I can't say I know of another local small business that does so much for their local community or provides such a high level of customer service. So thank you Fresco for giving people so much more than the best quality fruit and vege.

Kayla- Waroona

Best produce I have had in a very long time! Crunchy apples, delicious pears and best avocados I've ever had! The service is excellent!

Renee - Queens Park

Absolutely amazing value and delivered with a great attitude! Heaps of fresh produce and tastes great for the amount that we spent. Very good so far for a growing business. Good work guys, look forward to our next delivery!

Tammy - Dawesville

So happy we found this local business, the produce is so yummy and fresh not to mention value for money!
Never again will we purchase our fruit and veggies from the supermarkets!
Thank you to Danika, Luke and the amazing team for working so hard to supply customers with some amazing locally grown goodness.

Jody - Kenwick

I have now ordered from the past deliveries and have found the quality to be consistently fabulous. Last night I cooked 2 corn cobs with dinner that I dug out from the back of the fridge, these were 10 days old from my last delivery. Yes they were still fresh and yummy. This never happens with store bought F&V. Awesome service, beautiful fresh LONG lasting fruit and veg!!
Even my youngest eats slinky apples now he would only eat bananas before this.

Jo - Halls Head

I haven't eaten an apple in Newman for many years due to their floury taste. Your apples not only look appealing, they taste amazing.

Tania - Newman